Fairchild Reelected to Fair Labor Association Board

March 14, 2016

McKell S. Davis 

Amy McIff

Richard in AsiaAssociate Director of Trademarks and Licensing, Richard Fairchild, has been reelected to the Fair Labor Association board and now begins his fourth year of service to the organization.

Initially elected in 2013, Fairchild will begin his second term as a Fair Labor Association (FLA) board member in June and serve though May, 2019. He is one of six university representatives from higher ed institutions throughout the U.S. to sit on the board.

The FLA is a collaborative group of universities, civil society organizations and socially responsible companies dedicated to protecting workers’ rights around the world.

The University of Utah is a member of the FLA and requires all of its licensees to also be members.

The FLA board is composed of 19 members and includes six universities, six brands, six civil societies and one chair. Board members are tasked with making important decisions that impact employment practices, policies and standards throughout the world.

“At the end of the day, we’re trying to identify and protect the basic needs of workers,” Fairchild said, referring to the FLA’s responsibility in promoting satisfactory work environments throughout the world.

Bridging the gap between the University of Utah and the place where much of its licensed product originates, Fairchild traveled to Asia last year and visited several factories where Utah product is made.  

"After touring these facilities and talking with workers, we now have a better understanding of where our licensees sit with respect to their corporate responsibilities and can better guide them in improving their workers’ lives," Fairchild said.

As part of his FLA duties, Fairchild serves on two committees, the Finance Committee and the Fair Compensation Technical Working Group. The Finance Committee governs how money is spent within the organization, oversees its budget and leads financial decisions.

The Fair Compensation Technical Working Group focuses on wage data, workers compensation elements and SCI audit outcomes. The committee stays in close communication with a variety of countries and government representatives to encourage appropriate compensation for employees.

“It’s been satisfying to know that our work has such a positive and important impact on people’s lives,” Fairchild said. “The goal of the FLA is to improve the work experience around the world, from factories in America to the other side of the globe, so it’s a big responsibility.”

Of his future priorities in FLA service, Fairchild said, "I’m hopeful we can create guiding principles for universities that will direct them in selecting manufacturers who act responsibly at all levels of their supply chain."