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Auxiliary Health Challenge - Sign up, Get Healthy, Win!

Spring is here, which means we have all undoubtedly broken our New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym and start living healthier. Don’t fret, Auxiliary Services is teaming up with University Federal Credit Union to help you get back on track and possibly win some cool prizes along the way.

Beginning April 3 and continuing through the next 8 weeks, Auxiliary Services employees are invited to participate in a health challenge that will conclude with a breakfast celebration on May 24, where winners will be identified and awarded prizes including an iPod, workout equipment, a Campus Store shopping spree, a membership to the Student Life Center, a Traeger Grill and other miscellaneous items.

The challenge is composed of program-long goals like weight loss and increased activity levels, as well as week-long challenges and special team competitions. Signing up for the Aux Health Challenge is easy and can be done through the sign-up form or by visiting the Aux News page. Enter your information and you’ll be on your way, then check the Aux News page each week to report your progress on that week’s tracking form. If you prefer, you can use a paper tracking card, available at the Auxiliary Business Development Office at 1945 E De Trobriand St. #621 in Fort Douglas.

Each week, you will track your individual stats and points via an online form on the Aux News page. Winners will be selected based on completing challenges and earning points. Each challenge carries a point value and every 50 points accrued gets you one entry into the prize raffle (for example, 200 points equals 4 tickets in the drawing). If you miss a week or someone on your team doesn’t pull their weight during a team challenge, don’t worry; you will still have plenty of opportunities to earn points.

Here’s a look at what you will track on a weekly basis and the associated point totals:

  1. Exercise: For every 30 minutes you exercise, you will earn five points. You can earn up to 35 points per week if you exercise for 30 minutes every day.
  2. Steps. If you can hit 7,500 steps in a day, you will earn 10 points. With this challenge, you can earn up to 70 points per week.
  3. Running or jogging: If you run or jog two miles in a week, you will earn 50 points. Your running and jogging time can also be counted as exercise time, so you can knock out two challenges at once (that’s like getting paid overtime!)
  4. Healthy weight loss: If you lose a pound in a week, you earn 10 points. One slight caveat to this is losing more than 2 pounds in a week, which can be unhealthy, so a maximum of 2 pounds or 20 points per week will be accepted.
  5. Waist size: When your pants begin to feel a little loose, re-check your measurements and add 30 points for every inch you lost to your total. Only 1 inch lost per week will be accepted, as losing more can be unhealthy. If you lose a half an inch, count 15 points.
  6. Weigh-In and Measurements Session: Stop by the Auxiliary Business Development office in Fort Douglas for an official weigh-in, weigh-out or waist measurement session and earn 50 points. Session hours are Monday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition to the ongoing challenges, a few one-time activities will also be part of the program. Report any of the following items that you execute in the 8-week timeframe and add them to your total point number.

  1. WellU Employee Wellness Program Items (100 points each): Visit WellU and choose from several health-enhancing activities that each qualify for 100 points. 
  2. Financial Health Assessment with University Federal Credit Union: Your financial health is important, too, in maintaining a positive lifestyle. Meet with a UFCU professional and discuss your financial opportunities and options. 
  3. Download the UA MyFitnessTracker App (50 points): Our partner, Under Armour, has published a great app that tracks your activity and logs your meals. Based on the input you give, the app will offer tips to help you be more active and eat healthier. Give yourself 50 points just for downloading the app, then 150 additional points at the conclusion of 7 weeks if you used the app at least once each week.

Teamwork is a great way to accomplish success and the Aux Health Challenge incorporates that option, too, with its final point-worthy activity—Walk to the Beach. You and up to five of your colleagues can form a team and together, log the steps it would take to walk to Newport Beach, California. Figuratively—not literally—of course. The distance is roughly 700 miles from campus, meaning you and your teammates must walk a total of 100 miles per week, averaging just over 2 miles per person per day or about 5,500 steps. If your team reaches the beach, each member receives 200 points toward their grand total.

That’s it. Now, let’s do this!

The Auxiliary Business Development team is excited to support you in this challenge and we hope it makes a difference in helping you live a happier and healthier life. If you have any questions about the challenge or if you need help signing up, please contact Joe Canfield or come by and see us at 1945 E De Trobriand St. #621.

Best of luck, Aux Champs!

Last Updated: 4/4/17