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Pepsi Vending Refund Vouchers

By Joe Canfield, Auxiliary Business Development

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Did one of the new vending machines eat your dollar? Don’t fret! You can recover your money and get that drink or food item you were hoping for by stopping by a Pepsi refund location and obtaining a credit voucher.

Pepsi has established three customer service refund locations on campus and equipped them with refund vouchers that can be used just like cash in Pepsi and hello Goodness vending machines. Those refund locations are:

The Union Building’s Service Desk at 200 S Central Campus Drive; 801-581-5888.

The Student Affairs Office at 201 Presidents Circle, Rm 206; 801-581-7793.

The University Hospital Food Court at 50 North Medical Drive; 801-581-2121.

Simply explain your issue and where it took place, then present your UCard for verification and a voucher will be given to you. Refunds may only be used in Pepsi or hello Goodness vending machines. To report a machine that is malfunctioning or has a credit card reader that has gone offline, please call the support number listed on the machine. 

Last Updated: 7/31/17