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Univeristy Campus Store - Bed Bath and Beyond Partnership

by Cameron Beck and Amy McIff


BBBAs part of its mission to provide comprehensive support to students, the University Campus Store is teaming up with Bed Bath and Beyond to make back-to-school shopping easier, faster and more convenient this fall.

Through August 29, Bed Bath and Beyond will operate a temporary store inside the University Campus Store. There, students will be able to purchase bedding, small appliances, cookware and other household items alongside textbooks and other school supplies, helping to consolidate shopping trips in the busy days leading up to fall semester.

This marks the first time that students will have the opportunity to purchase everything they need for both school and home in one place. It’s also the first time that the University Campus Store will house household items to help students organize their kitchen, bedroom and bath spaces in concert with their academic and study spaces in a complete, convenient package.

As a special service to on-campus residents, the University Campus Store and Bed Bath and Beyond will be on site at the Heritage Center’s move-in weekend on August 18th and 19th. A slightly smaller version of the University Campus Store collection, the Bed Bath and Beyond table will feature dorm room essentials to help students make their new spaces feel just like home.

For more information, please visit the University Campus Store or call (801) 581-6326.


Last Updated: 8/10/16