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Want not? Waste not. Opt out.

Every week, the Campus Mail Unit receives five-10 tubs of junk and/or non-deliverable mail via the United States Postal Service. Of that, about 10 percent is addressed incorrectly, which requires resources to find the correct destination and re-route. First-Class Mail is stamped and returned to sender and unendorsed bulk mail is shredded and recycled—both require time, labor and expense and are not a sustainable way to manage mail that no one really needs.

Campus Mail is asking that employees take the time to remove their names and addresses for junk mailers. Please visit the Data & Marketing Association’s website to change the types of mail you see by clicking the “Register” button. The best part? You can add multiple addresses such as your home AND work. In about five minutes you can save the university and yourself a lot of time and effort by opting out of receiving junk mail. You can also opt out for those you are a caregiver for, as well as deceased family members

Last Updated: 12/9/16